Mig de Jong planning studies


Mig de Jong is a researcher who is investigating with infrastructure, transport planning, spatial development and urban planning. Mig de Jong works as a PhD researcher at the Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Oxford University.

Mig de Jong is doing a PhD on succesful megaprojects. Development of major transport infrastructure is a difficult matter. Many large-scale transport infrastructure projects are plagued by cost overruns, long periods of construction, while failing to meet their forecasted traffic demands. This leads to economic inefficiencies and decreased faith in governments, consultants, contractors, programmes and programme delivery. The purpose is to develop a "theory of success" for major infrastructure programmes.

Station areas are specific environments, which attracts typical businesses. Mig de Jong investigated station areas in Western Europe. Different recommendations have been made for improvement of the attractiveness of station areas, for cities, people, and for companies.

Furthermore, Mig de Jong does statistical research, Some of these projects are Dutch historical traffic prognoses, population decline and mobility and the effectiveness of a new concept for playgrounds.


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